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What do we learn


10th grade

Product 101 & Discovery
Front-end Fundamentals I
Screen Design
Interaction design
Front-end Fundamentals II

11th grade

Programming I
IoT and physical devices
Programming II
Mobile Game Prototyping
Mobile App Development

12th grade

Entrepreneurship 101
Reviewing & Tailoring projects

Pupil projects

From day one students are ideating, designing and prototyping their ideas – this plays a major role on their motivation towards learning and hunger for finding out how to do the next step. Each pupil has their own personal project that they're applying the learnings on. These are just a couple examples of what our pupils have been working on:



Make your instrument practise easier!

by Alan Erik, 11th grade

Website / Prototype



Upload pictures of your outfits and get immediate feedback from other fashion lovers!

by Agneta, 11th grade 

Website / Prototype 



Build your gaming PC in matter of seconds!

by Gert, 11th grade

Website / Prototype

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Pupil feedback

I am very proud of being a part of the codesters world.

Learning new things, especially digital, is always pretty fun. This kind of thing is becoming more and more popular these days so I'm glad I chose this subject.

My teacher is always ready to help and knows so much. My father is a <...> programmer and I really want to make him proud, so I like coding lessons the most and try to never miss them, but with such a great teacher it's not a problem!

I won't lie, these activities take up a lot of time and energy that I could spend with my family or friends ... But I have never been so interested in the process. This is a completely different world of learning.

These lessons gave me a clear idea on what i want to do in the future. This course has so may benefits (like visiting companies before the lockdown etc). I am really happy that I decided to join this course :)


How do we learn

building real products

From the beginning of the program our pupils are crafting their own digital products. As the technical skills progress, new features are added and old ones reviewed.

involving businesses

Guest mentors - industry professionals join the lessons to cover specific topics and present real business cases and products. Part of the lessons are held at the offices of our partner companies.

project work

Working in groups allows pupils to learn from each other and experience the ups and downs of teamwork. Part of the lessons are be dedicated for project work only.