Founder's story

Nikolai Riesenkampff

Riesenkampff Foundation's Managing Director Nikolai Riesenkampff understood the importance of equipping youngsters with relevant personal and practical skills at school level while building his company Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, from a startup to an e-commerce giant.

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Riesenkampff Foundation

Estonian Riesenkampff family roots date back to the 16th century and the ties have remained strong even after the family relocated to Germany. 

Riesenkampff Foundation has been actively supporting children related activities in the Baltics for a number of years already and started to promote career-oriented technology education at school level.


Our team

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Curriculum lead and mentor

Dreamer, apps and games fan, musician. The famous Argentinian who managed to crack Estonian language out of love for this country and its people. 
Over 13 years in mobile apps and games development, former lecturer and CTO at GameLoft Indonesia.

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Program Manager

Technology education enthusiast, gadget and fast internet lover. A Berlin-based Lithuanian who's excited to work on improving things in the Baltics.
Former head of HR at a tech company and a Country Manager at a creative technology academy in Berlin.


Advisory council

co-founder at CODE university in Berlin

Managing Partner at Superangel, education enthuasiast

Senior Partner at Sorainen Law Firm

Director of TalTech's IT College

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