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Digital Product Development program for Estonian pupils

is a Digital Product Development program started by the Riesenkampff Foundation in order to provide future-oriented technology education for gymnasium level pupils in Estonia. We unite the best of both, business and academia and offer free of charge technology classes in cooperation with local schools.

As opposed to regular coding schools, focuses not on teaching a particular programming language, but on training a combination of soft and technical skills needed to deliver digital products that users would love.

That means that during the three year program our pupils will have a chance to try out the shoes of a UX designer, front-end and back-end developer, project manager and understand which role they feel best in.

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Our beliefs

- curiosity is the driver for learning

- technology education is much more than coding

- learning how to learn is the main challenge

- pupils learn from each other as much as from their mentors

- current industry professionals share the responsibility of educating future generations

Friends and Partners

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Help us to tech-up Estonian high schools!

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